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How We Bring AI to You.

AI has become incredibly powerful. Let's work together to make sure you get the best out of it. We accompany you on your journey and offer solutions all along the path.
We develop and operate high-quality AI software. With our deep knowledge in system design and implementation, we bring everything you need on your AI journey.
With our years long experience in the field we make sure you don't miss out on a single AI opportunity in your business.
At the University of St. Gallen, we actively contribute to the academic progress in the field of AI and econometrics to go beyond the state of the art. Don't put up with outdated stuff.
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From Start to Finish...

We guide your journey from identifying untapped AI and data potential to the full integration of our taylor-made AI solutions into your systems.

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...And Beyond

Together, we identify your AI potentials and design the blueprint for your AI journey. Discover how you can leverage AI to elevate your business to the next level.
After identifying key opportunities to leverage AI in your business, we evaluate the feasibility and the effectiveness of possible implementations.
Having analyzed your use case in depth, we taylor our AI-systems to your specific use cases. In this phase we iterate together from a first prototype to the exact solution you need.
After achieving the perfect fit, we roll out the application to production. Whether you want to deploy to your existing infrastructure or use our fully managed solutions is up to you.
We will make sure your AI-system keeps running flawlessly and continuously adapts to your needs. Enjoy your AI empowered environment and leave the rest to us.

Possible Use Cases in Your Industry.

ESG Risk for SMEs
We process millions of websites and documents to calculate sophisticated ESG risk profiles for your SME clients.
Green Asset Ratio
We automatically analyse the EU Taxonomy Eligibilities and Alignments for your SME customers only using their websites.
CO2 Estimation for REE
We precisely estimate the GHG emissions for your real estate objects with Satellite Images, computer vision and AI.
Loss Given Default
We boost your LGD predictions and unlock extensive portfolio simulations and risk control KPIs with our probabilistic models.
Credit Scoring
We supercharge your PD Scoring with ESG dimensions and reputational risk KPIs to improve your credit scoring performance.
Physical Risk
We quantify your customers' exposure to physical risks by resolving their operational facilities .
Demand Forecasting
Leverage econometric methods to gain actionable insights to streamline production and inventory management.
Quality Control
Ensure  supplier documents adhere to your standards. Define rules, and let our AI verify compliance and raise red flags.
Optimize Production
Enhance your production efficiency with our AI scheduling, minimizing idle time and optimizing space utilization.
Energy Consumption
Harness AI to fine-tune energy use, slashing costs and supporting sustainability with smarter consumption patterns.
Empower Your Team
Our AI assistant demystifies complex standards, ESG regulations, and internal rules, helping to navigate compliance.
Strategic Hedging
Optimize your hedging strategy for production inputs, protecting margins and securing cost-effective sourcing.
Loss Given Default
We model your Loss Given Default with our advanced probabilistic models. Check it out.
Credit Scoring
We model your Loss Given Default with our advanced probabilistic models. Check it out.
We help you to mine text documents of any sort for valuable information. You might be
CO2 Estimation
We help you to mine text documents of any sort for valuable information. You might be
Physical Risk
We help you to mine text documents of any sort for valuable information. You might be
Green Asset Ratio
We help you to mine text documents of any sort for valuable information. You might be
Policy Evaluation
Fully automate your audit evaluations while maintaining full transparency and trace-ability throughout the auditing process.
Knowledge Base
Build an AI-powered knowledge base to cut through complexity in regulations and interact intuitively with your documents.
GRI Checkup
Automatically check for compliance of GRI standards and gain actionable and traceable insights at the click of a button.

Get Ready for the Age of AI.

With our profound expertise in AI, machine learning and econometrics, we tackle all aspects of data science within your company.

Combined with our experience in software development we make sure that the insights from your data become an integral part of your business processes.

Our Expertise: Data, Software and Research.

Big Data
We handle Big Data problems with our scalable cloud infrastructure and modelling approaches built for high-dimensional data.
We analyse documents in seconds which would occupy human for days, while ensuring full transparency and traceability.
We uncover causal relationships to improve real-world decision making with the latest Causal Machine Learning models.
Cloud Computing
We are cloud native and work with the major platform providers to bring the latest and most powerful technologies to your business.
Machine Learning
We cut through your data with the latest Machine Learning technology and make sure the results translate into economic benefits.
We adhere to highest academic standards and produce cutting-egde research in AI, Econo-metrics, Data Analysis and Machine Learning.

Our Techstack.


Data Science


Insights Into Theory and Application.

Tap Into Your Company’s Data Potential! Let's Connect & Rise!

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